Poetry is one of the ancient forms of literary writing in the world and it remains about the most sublime, laconic, and potent form of creative writing that elicits from the poet, their deepest thoughts about their experiences and observations in society.

Poets employ poems as a means by which they seek to inspire society during difficult moments and situations. Poetry adequately depicts the artistic and intellectual acumen and prowess of the poets. Poetry manifests in the form of spoken word and writing. The metaphorical language and the employment of different literary devices by poets, often make poems indecipherable and incomprehensible to non-poets who do not approach poems from hindsight.

Poetry in Ghana is candlelight which flame is perpetual and transcends all generations. Poets anywhere in the world are always at the frontline of political and social revolutions since more poets emerge when societies are at their lowest point in the trench of moral decadence and apogee of political debauchery.

Injustice, discrimination, corruption, immorality, hope, love, and progress are some of the factors that inspire poets to write, and they capture the moment in powerful mental pictures. Poets are like artisans but the difference between the two is that poets create by the mind and artisans create by the hand.

Ghana has produced many nationally and internationally revered poets over time. Notable among are Kofi Awoonor, Kwesi Brew, Efua Sutherland, Kofi Anyidoho, Atukwei Okai and our own Chief Moomen, among others. The current generation of Ghanaian poets is not letting the flame of poetry to extinguish because the moral, political, social, and economic conundrums that inspired the past generations of poets have not improved.

Ghana, in pre-colonial and post-colonial eras, experienced an avalanche of political turbulences and military takeovers and these political tumults played out into economic hardships and poets did not and will never keep quiet about the excruciating agonies that the people suffered and are suffering.   It is worthwhile to note that the majority of Ghanaian poets of times until now are men. Women are taking their rightful place in the current generation of Ghanaian poets.

Tonight, on Social Convo, we are privileged to host one of the most prolific and splendid lady poets. We hope to discover the untold stories that construct the personality of our Guest Poet and to appreciate more deeply, her values, aspirations, and experiences of life and living in society. We also hope to uncover how her values and experiences influence her choice of themes of her poems and how far she is into poetry

Our guest is a Professional Nurse who is also a Poetess who has performed on the bigger stages in the country with the stage name Poet Dora Mwinteroo @Teroo’s Word. Our guest is the CEO of Teroo’s Word who has also written and produced movies such as “My Maternal Pain”

Our guest is known for her brilliant, heart touching poems and expression of literature including “Maa’ma“, “Wear Ghana“, “Letter to Democracy” and many others which targets at addressing certain social issues. She currently has a project on peaceful elections with the Poem “Unsung words of Peace”

Our guest is also a Corporate MC who has been an MC for some corporate institutions in the country. It’s Time with Poet Dora on THE READERS’ HUB tonight.


Haadi: My name is Haadi Bachang and I’m honoured to be your moderator for tonight, sitting in for Bassing Kamaldeen. Please Dora Mwinteroo the Poet is our guest tonight. Welcome Poet Dora to the Social Convo session of the Readers’ Hub!

Dora Mwinteroo: Thank you.my pleasure!

Haadi: Many Readers are eager to know you for the first time. I have the singular honour to ask the question: who is DORA MWINTEROO?

Dora Mwinteroo: Dora Mwinteroo is a determined self-encouraged young woman from the upper West Region. She’s ambitious and poised for personal development, hoping to be a pillar of change and impact in the society through her God given talents

Haadi: Kindly take us through your educational journey, and social life, highlighting on the key milestones you accomplished and your sources of inspiration and support.

Dora Mwinteroo: Interesting one. I started school going in Lawra where I was born, I don’t have much memories of early days in school but I am certain nursery was fun .I went to Karbo Primary School where I attended class one and two .I was later taken to stay in Eremon (my home town) while my mum attended university. Where I attended class 3, 4, 5.On return, I joined her in Wa where I attended Wa model primary 6.Interestingly, she was transferred to Jirapa,so I had  to continue my JHS education in Jirapa St. Francis JHS, then to St. Francis Assisi  girls’ SHS and completed in 2013.

In 2014, I gained admission into Nursing training college, Lawra to pursue a nursing profession that I practice now. Changing schools was fun but came with its own challenges−changing friends and mates weren’t any fun.

Haadi: You must have also learnt some valuable experiences. Briefly, may you please share with Readers, your most valuable experiences, lessons and values garnered in life and how they shaped your personality and your perspectives about life and living in society?

Dora Mwinteroo: Good! Life experiences are a daily encounter. One thing I can remember that made a significant impact in my life was in my Senior High School. I didn’t like the school I attended, to be honest sometimes I feel like taking myself 10yrs back just to fulfill that dream of attending Wesley girls. One very personal dream that didn’t come to reality.

However, it thought me that, it’s not every time we got what we wanted, I carried the pain of not getting the opportunity to attend Wesley girls for a long time because I always felt there was no excuse to that omission but well, I finally had to give to God and let go. I can say it did affect my SHS stay because it hadn’t been easy staying in an environment or place you don’t like

My vision to attend Wesley girls pushed me to learn very hard in JHS for good results but forces pushed it aside.

Haadi: You may let your daughter achieve that dream for you in future

Dora Mwinteroo: It will be my pleasure but at her will though; because I won’t want to watch her go through what I went through thus, studying in an environment she doesn’t want

Haadi: What do you do as a career and what inspired your choice of career?

Dora Mwinteroo: I chose the path of not just ease but what I flow well in .I love writing and drama from the unset, drama in my SHS was probably the good memories that kept me in school, it’s a thing I do not find difficulty putting out, in fact, I enjoy doing it.Creating content that adds value and positive impact in society is the path I have chosen. Thus, script writing, stage performances, film production. I always pray believing that, the God who gave me the land will help and guide me to plough it purposely. That inspiration birthed TEROO’s WORD, a future household name. Though I enjoy the nursing profession, it’s not a thing I hope to retire on.

Haadi: The Readers’ Hub wishes you as you follow your heart. As the CEO of the TEROO’s Word Foundation, please inform Readers what inspired its creation, what the overarching vision of your Foundation is, and what your Foundation does?

Dora Mwinteroo: Teroo’s Word started as a poetry hub. I started writing and expressing as a habit in my teens but my admission into the nursing profession paused it because I had this mind that, nursing could not be combined with any other activity. However, after college, I revived it.Pouring out my body and soul, day and night. Friends are very important and so was my case, a friend helped me to realize that there was more to it than just the habit of it writing. We graduated from writing to radio station performance where I would recite poems 2 to 3 times a week. And many people began to fall in love with my style. Filled and pouring with happiness, I can say that’s when the name TEROO’s WORS Gaines it’s grounds

Haadi: How do you combine your current professional career in Nursing with poetry; what are the challenges if any?

Dora Mwinteroo: Being able to combine nursing with the responsibilities towards TEROO’s WORD convinces me of how much love to see TEROO’s WORD grow. Sometimes, I am not able to explain how I do it but I always make time no matter how tight it is, let’s conclude that God’s blessings are upon my dreams. I remember traveling to Wa from Accra each weekend to promote my first movie and at last it was a success .It was very stressful but easy to commit. My heart goes for what it desires.

Haadi: We would like you to tell us about some of your projects, but more importantly; tell us more about your recent famous project _“Unsung words of peace”

Dora Mwinteroo:  “Unsung” as the word suggests tells about a song that hasn’t been heard though worth it.Basically, it was geared at projecting the call and cry for Peace in our setting especially considering the upcoming elections where tensions are rising.

“Unsung words of peace” is a poem of reminder to every body and                                                                                              soul about the unforgettable significance of peace. Its content displays the original misperception and misconception of what the political game is in the minds of some Ghanaians in some sectors of our country. We may have our differences but let peace count regardless

Haadi: Amidst the current political tension in the country and the use of inflammatory language by politicians and their lackeys or hirelings against their political opponents, what advice would you give to the youth as the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections closes in?

Dora Mwinteroo: What more advise can one give! If the youth is watching an unpleasant display of our elders .It’s nothing but a call for a self-positive change of attitude (self-training for the future) .These politicians don’t come from the skies, they are our brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties that we share utensils and walls with .There may be bad nuts but certainly a few good ones who offer exemplary steps that can be followed.


Mr.Carl Grant:

Good evening my sister Dora! As a professional nurse involved in poetry; how do you thrive in the mists of this stereotype out there that nurses do poorly in literary works? Any advice for other professionals to emulate?

Dora Mwinteroo: I cannot hit a street campaign to defend the poor literary works of nurses because we all come from different homes and upbringing brought together by a profession, which many people fail to understand .However, one thing I know, when you meet me at my place of work, you will be proven wrong.

Haadi: Poet Dora and Carl Grant are proving that nurses don’t do poorly at all in literary works.

Haadi: What keeps you awake at night and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Dora Mwinteroo: The dream determines the price. I don’t actually stay awake intentionally, thoughts and work wakes me automatically. Once there’s a target to meet, there’s work to do and until work is done, sleep respectfully stays aside. In five years, TEROO’s WORD would be a household name, I have a dream of having UNICEF and UN and other related organizations to find reasons to work with or sponsor my project. Somehow, it’s going to come true. But most importantly, projecting more talents in the acting and poetry through TEROO’s WORD

Haadi: Ameen! May God see you through?

Dora Mwinteroo: Amen!

Haadi: I know you have a thing for beauty pageant especially the GMB. Tell us about that

Dora Mwinteroo: Yes, there’s always a breakthrough point or platform, that’s what GMB does, ushering resilient and talented young women to build themselves. Fortunately, I was blessed with courage to audition in 2019 and 2020 respectively but did not find favour

Haadi: May favour find you in your next audition. Best wishes!

Barnabas: Hello, Moderator. Greetings to both of you.

I am a staunch lover and admirer of poetry. A day hardly passes by without me stumbling on a poetic piece, and I have been reading you quite copiously. But unfortunately, I have not found the time to write poems, though sometimes I did stammer some unprofessional ones out.

As a staunch poetry lover, myself, I know, poetry is no idle art form. It is elitist in that it requires the mind of a Philosopher, a Wanderer, a Dreamer, an Adventurer, a literary Enthusiast, a Lover, a Realist, an Idealist, but sadly not the simple-minded like some of us. Poetry is miserly with words, sometimes, even numbers but opulent with deep meaning. Poetry can be used to tell or capture the intricacies of this existence called life in a very colourful way. In fact, I love poetry.

And I have no doubt that you (Dora) will rise through the ranks of stalwarts, maybe even legends, for you are coming up well. I wish you well, and God’s continued blessings and favors so you can achieve that you so wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for sharing your life’s story with us. You are an inspiration to me.God bless you!

Dora Mwinteroo: Thank you Barnabas. I’m is truly grateful.

Haadi: As a member of the Readers’ Hub, what do you make of this page and what do you suggest we do or needs to be done to keep the page running and do better?

Dora Mwinteroo: Brilliant page, awesome people, inspiring souls, motivating and jaw breaking stories. During the lock down, this page brightened my corner and I am undoubtedly grateful to each person here, most especially to the founder. The world would probably become boring, dead or perhaps got shut down without innovation, new people and new things.

To keep it running, new ideas, new stories, new inspiration, new people will keep it and I am sure that’s what has kept us here till date and I am proud to be part of this wonderful family

Haadi: And we are proud to have you with us. Thanks for the commendation and you have been one of the people who have kept this page going. We miss your poetry session though. By the way, which book has been influential in your life that you will recommend for hub members to read?

Dora Mwinteroo: I loved the book EGO IS THE ENEMY

Barnabas: She said she comes from Eremon, right? Okay, just want to know which part of Eremon she is coming from. For I  once used to attend The St. Michael or so Roman Catholic Church, at the mountain top there when I  were spending my days as a pupil in Eremon Senior High Technical School then. So, just want to know which part of Eremon are you specifically coming from? Thank you.

Dora Mwinteroo: Yes, exactly the place he mentioned.

Dr. Tilapia: Poetess Dora is a legend and an oasis of wisdom and inspiration!

Dora Mwinteroo: Thank you Dr!

Haadi: Wish we could go on and on but we have already exceeded the 2 hours allotted to us by the Co-coordinator .On this note; kindly give us your concluding remarks, please!

Dora Mwinteroo: I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who has spent their special time to support me.You hold a special place in my heart. God richly bless you.

Unsung Words of Peace-poet Dora Mwinteroo

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Directed Bros Milieu


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Haadi: It has been a pleasure to moderate this session tonight. My producers have been Bassing Kamaldeen and Dr Tilapia. Thank you everyone for making time to be part of this session. I leave you with the Unsung words of Peace by Poet Dora. Until we come your way same time next week, have a sound sleep. My name is Haadi Bachang. I’m out!

Bye!…………………………………………………………………………………………………… (Exeunt)

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Hub Editor: Bassing .A.M.A.Kamal.